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Workout Review Oct. 5-11

october 5

Things are clicking along slowly. I got in some good workouts this week including running and 2 body-weight strength workouts. Things were CRAZY this past week at work and morning CrossFit did not happen. I hope to have a calmer week and better sleep this week.

Monday: 3 miles

Tuesday: 3 rounds of the following:

  • 15 air squats (focusing on form. My hips are wonky lately. Very loose like rubber bands.)
  • 15 push ups
  • 30 second plank hold
  • 10 burpees

Wednesday: 3 miles

Thursday: sprint workout. I did not write it all down.

Friday: REST

Saturday: 6 miles + repeat Tuesday workout.

Rock n’ Roll Savannah half marathon is coming up fast. My goal is to finish and get back to soaking up the fall weather and enjoying vacation with Stephen. We both need time away and time alone. It’s been a very painful few weeks for both of us. Trying to work ourselves into oblivion isn’t helping.

I have high expectations for next week! Stay tuned.

Roasted Beef with Brussels
Instant Pot