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Whole 30: Days 26-27 Still thinking, still Running

I’m almost done!

But now what?

I’m still having some trouble regulating my glucose levels. I think my pancreas is just now catching up to the past 3 weeks and has decided to try to adjust to the lower carbs and non-existent sugar other than fruit. My main issue is wildly swinging extremes lasting about 45 min to an hour, only once a day, usually in the morning. I’m working through it, though. If the long-term benefit is my pancreas doesn’t have to work as hard, then this Whole 30 is beyond amazing. I wish I had done this a long time ago. Then again, maybe I wasn’t in the right place mentally to do this until now. I had no idea how….not easy, but not insanely hard…….it would be to quit Cokes, corn, potatoes, grains, and dairy on Day 1. I wasn’t perfect, but close enough for my first attempt.

I said a few days ago that I planned to extend this. I still plan to extend it through to the weekend and after that, I’m still doing some reading and researching a repeat or back-to-back sets of Whole 30. I think my glucose levels are painting a huge picture and I still have some huge long lasting habits to work on.

Now, what have I been eating?

Breakfast, finally something different!! I was home so I made some bacon and eggs. No grits. How about that for a Southern girl? Winking smile I will certainly enjoy them again, but as a treat, not a staple.


Lunch was a bunch of stir fried  veggies with some leftover chicken. No picture. I do this a lot and forget to snap a pic. It was basically a clean-out-the-fridge dish. 

Dinner was Sausage Stuffed Zucchini. I’ve made this before, but this time, I left out the cream cheese. Unfortunately, it looks a lot worse that I hoped. I just couldn’t find a way to make this look pretty. There isn’t a recipe for this. Brown some sausage with peppers, mushrooms, onions. Scoop out the seeds of a zucchini. Throw the sausage stuff on it. Bake 350* 30 minutes.


Tomorrow, I’m going to go ahead an plan and shop for a week of whole 30 meals. Right now, the first thing I think I would want to eat is a piece of dark chocolate. I can wait until Saturday or Sunday for that. Open-mouthed smile

Running Recap Feb 4-8

Monday: 4 miles

Tuesday: 4 miles

Wednesday: 5 miles

Friday: 2 miles

Saturday: 5 miles

Total: 20 miles

Day 25 of Whole 30. Winding down
Last weekend of Whole 30!!