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Weekly Menu and Goals: May 7-12

This post is a day late because I was waiting to see what will be in our first harvest basket from our CSA, Snow’s Bend farm tomorrow. I’m way too excited about this. After getting some good produce from the Farmer’s market Saturday, I was trying to use up that food and incorporate a few things that might need to be prepared and eaten quickly. Sure enough, we are getting some mixed salad greens so I want to use that up this week.


Monday: Sirloin burgers on the grill with squash/mushrooms/asparagus/peppers (to be used for another meal, too).

Tuesday: Roasted vegetables with quinoa, garden salad.

Wednesday: Leftover burgers with dill potato salad

Thursday: Rainbow chard, tomatoes, and onion frittata and sweet potatoes.

Friday: Something in Georgia! Twisted Ankle half marathon on Saturday

Saturday: Celebratory dinner (hopefully!) using up any leftovers AND strawberry cream cheese pie!

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This is race week, so my goals are very flexible. I will do one heavy leg day at CrossFit and that will be my only goal with weights. If the other workouts are more cardio heavy, I will do them. If they are very heavy leg days, I’m passing.


Again, with a big race coming up, I don’t have a list of goals that are crucial right now other than one HUGE goal–


And, I need to get my head together on some very negative self-talk that has been going on lately. I’ll be doing something this weekend that many road runners will never attempt. My legs, no matter how big they are, are going to carry me through my absolute favorite race. I’m making some very definitive decisions regarding my weight and health and being very proactive in getting healthy again. I need to accept that it won’t happen overnight just because I decided once and for all to do something. I am my own worst enemy and it’s not healthy or attractive. I would never say to another person what I tell myself about myself.

Home grown food is good food
Snow’s Bend basket: week 1