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W30:D7 It Begins


The sun had the audacity to shine today. For a brief minute.

Then the rain started. How am I going to..wait. I forgot my thought.

Headache has reached Biblical proportions.

I’m sleeping as much as I can today because…

  • I can
  • I might maim people if I see them

Tomorrow is my birthday. And right now, the idea of a birthday does nothing fun for me.

I didn’t each much of anything today. I was too mad, too tired, to ridiculously anxious to eat much. Eggs, bacon for breakfast. I remember some kind of chicken for lunch. I didn’t eat dinner. Too much effort to turn on the microwave. Tomorrow is MONDAY. And my birthday. Did I mention that already??

day 7. Kill All the Things. ALL OF THEM.

Days 4-5: Kill ALL the things!

Day 4 dawns and you tentatively step out of bed, expecting to feel like you took a strike from Thor’s hammer in the temple. Instead, your head is surprisingly clear. Your limbs all feel functional. This could be a good day! You walk into the kitchen and as you’re greeted by the smiling face of your significant other you are suddenly overcome…with the desire to punch them in the face for smiling this early in the morning. Congratulations! You’ve made it to day 4.

Now, I have no clue why this phase happens, or why it happens here (and not on, say, day 14).* I just know that it happens. Often. Even experienced Whole30ers (myself included) go through this phase. Every nerve is lit, temperance is non-existent and the only solution to the problem seems to be to Kill All of the Things.

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Whole 30:D5 Friday Frivolities
Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Friday 21st of March 2014

[…] 30 go for my birthday? Not bad at all. I didn’t have cake or cupcakes since I didn’t feel like making anything yesterday. I went out with friends after work and had some chips to go with my steak fajitas with no […]