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W30:D17 And the walls came tumbling down

Well, not literally.

But my second trip to Home Depot made me feel like a demolition woman on a mission.

2014-03-26 09.28.42

I found something to go in the “teacher corner” of the office. Not really…but it might go on a Christmas list Winking smile . Although…that is way too pricey for me. I’m more likely to get a foam beer cooler with ice and bottle of wine instead. Open-mouthed smile

2014-03-26 09.34.44

That’s just one of the nifty things I found there. Of course, none of these made it to my 4Runner.

Shelf basketball? Paper ball frustration throwing?

 2014-03-25 11.58.36

This baby will extend up to 15 ft! My room is only 12 ft, but that’s a minor detail…

2014-03-25 11.55.27

I do have an idea for these. I’m so excited about it!

2014-03-25 12.30.23

Okay back to the food. Yesterday, I could tell I was feeling so much better and I remembered going through this boundless energy phase last time around. I had to look up the days to see when it happened. Day 16 in 2013 started that great energy. This year, it was day 17. How cool is that? Let’s just say, by the end of the day, Stephen was resting on the couch and I was still stewing around with my mind blowing up with ideas. This would also be the day I designed my new blog header and got the final vision for office space decorating. What I love about this phase is that it lasts as long as I want it to last. Basically, clean out the crap and the body runs like a purring machine.

So let’s recap today.


Breakfast: Omelet. LOADED with veggies and bacon, no cheese. I had to finish this off in the oven. I’m still learning how to use my pan and I let it brown before the middle was finished.

2014-03-06 16.25.56

Lunch: grilled chicken strips, sweet potato.

green chili chicken3

Dinner: Steak!


I need some sleep because tomorrow is going to be epic! New furniture and let the painting resume.

W30:D16 Let the Party begin
W30:D18 Great Balls of Fire