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The world is a changing..Daily hmmm…11.21.11

~ We have managed to wait until this week to put up the outside decorations. I hope my neighbors don’t mind the blazing lights.

~ I woke up craving protein instead of biscuits, waffles, pancakes.

~ Stephen walked in from work and handed me some coupon pages. One was for Logan’s Roadhouse, one was for some biscuits, and the other was for those orthopedic (or something like that) panties. I’m not sure what is more shocking. That he looked through coupon books from the newspaper during his dinner break or that he thinks I need super huge panties. I turned it over and it was a coupon for canned vegetables. Mystery solved.

~ It’s November and it’s hot. I’m not liking this.

~ Alabama is back into the #2 position in the BCS. All that’s left standing between us and a shot at the National Championship in NOLA is Auburn on Saturday.

~ Taylor Swift is surprised by her sweeps at the awards. Wait…that’s nothing new. She needs to get a new acceptance face and speech. This one is getting old fast. 


~ Real Men of Genius commercials are hilarious.

Happy Monday!

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