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The return begins slowly

I had a total of 3.75 miles last week. This week, I’m already up to 6. I’m not sure if I should really think about it, analyze it, dwell on it, or should I just be still for once and run.

The last day of therapy was uneventful. I did my usual heat and stim, stretching, strengthening, and the Mr. Masochism had one last round with my leg. 45 minutes. He worked on the knee, all of the IT band, and the hip. Part of release from therapy is a final eval to document how things are looking on the last day. Surprisingly, the IT hurt and hurt bad. I don’t feel it at my knee anymore, now it’s just a soreness after he works on it or after I use the foam roller.

When it was time to go and I had my T-shirt in hand, he shook my hand, looked me in the eye, and said “thank you for being one of the favorites around here. You never complained, you were always positive even when you were quiet, and you did exactly what we asked. It’s nice to see you light up again. Please keep us updated on how you’re doing.”
well, if I could cry, I would have.

I ran 3 today. I haven’t run in my new shoes yet, still sticking with the old ones. I may be a little paranoid right now. I’m going with what sort of works. I don’t really like the brooks adrenaline 7’s but they are allowing me to run pain free.
It’s weird running again. It feels like I’ve got new legs and feet and I can’t quite get them to work together. I feel clumsy. Stiff. Stifling. Where are all those feelings of flying and feeling the stress melt away and the tension? Where is the creaking sound of the cage door opening? What happened to the sound of the heartbeats ticking of my steps? Who is running in my shoes (Brooks Adrenaline!!) and why is she wearing a cotton T-shirt?

Here we go..ready or not
Still moving..