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The MORE EVERYTHING plan from Verizon

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Verizon Wireless.

As a teacher, amateur photographer, health/food blogger, music fanatic, and avid fitness tech geek, I use my phone a LOT. With apps such as Pinterest, Foodgawker, Jawbone UP, UnderArmour 39, DailyMile, Polar Loop, and Pandora, I use a lot of data on a daily basis. I do not connect my iPhone 5S to the school network so anything I use for school during the day is rolling through my data usage like a wildfire. In addition to the apps for teaching and kid use, my life outside of school is not laying around eating bon-bons. Whether I’m using my Sol Republic Relays on a run or working on a new recipe, that music app is pulling data. Jawbone Up sending my sleep info to my app? Data. Under Armour 39 using Bluetooth to monitor my heart rate during a run and the many running apps that use GPS to track my path? More Data. However, I firmly believe the features and service with my iPhone far outweigh the data usage.


But now, I can get MORE with the MORE EVERYTHING plan from Verizon Wireless. More data for the same price, more messaging, more cloud storage, more bandwidth, less confusion.

Also, for those people (like me!) who want the latest and greatest in iPhone releases and would benefit from the Edge program, you can combine these 2 for more savings.  MORE Everything customers who choose Verizon Edge will receive an additional savings:
• $10 off monthly smartphone access for data allowances up to 8 GB
• $20 off monthly smartphone access on plans of 10 GB and higher

Think of it like this: Upgrade phones more often (every 6 months!) AND more data/messaging/storage all on Verizon’s 4GLTE network for a lower price than before. It really is MORE EVERYTHING.

For more information, please check out Verizon MORE Everything


Now I’m off for a run, with Verizon service, plenty of data, and my Sol Republic Relays. Happy Spring!

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