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The first full week of school is done! I’m alive and I even ran about it. This may be my best group of kinders ever and I exhausted. But I needed to run off some mental stress in hopes of getting some good sleep this weekend.

In case nobody is paying attention to the weather, let me be the first to share this revelation.

It’s hot.

And swampy.

2015-08-13 22.47.34

My plans for the weekend include a run by the river, a party Saturday night, and maybe this.

2015-08-13 20.55.12

After those few hours of freedom, I’ll be nose-deep in school work. The first of the year means a lot of work like setting up new lesson plans, working in new curriculum, setting up centers, and completing the never-ending assessments. Working on the weekends is just the norm for many teachers.

2015-08-14 20.02.07

Looks like it’s time for some sleep. Maybe.

Happy Friday!

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