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Snow….in Alabama…in November?

Apparently, I’m a big sucker for getting kicked in the gut. Snow began creeping into the forecast this past weekend and I ignored most of it. After last winter’s devastating fiasco in which I was denied the White Christmas AND the January Flizzard, I refused to get all worked up over a possible November snow.

And anybody who knows me is laughing right now because they can’t believe I’m not kicking up my heels over the latest weather reports.

I’m not falling for it again. Tuscaloosa in a big giant heat bowl that melts snow and ice into rain. I ‘ve seen it happen. Snow comes across the county and changes to rain, then bombards Birmingham with all the snow they can handle.

I’m not going to be a fool again.

But then….things like this hit the interwebz.

snowmap1-600x414 copy

And then I got a little more excited.

But not like last winter.


No, tonight I think I will sit and stare out of my window until my eyes glaze over.

Stay tuned. If we actually get snow, I’ll do laps in champagne.

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