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Schedules obliterated

Today acted like a Tuesday. It’s no secret that I think Tuesdays are especially dreadful. Today was worse than yesterday. Let’s review:

~ bailed on the morning workout. I was just too tired and too sore from the previous day’s torture.

~ because I bailed, my meals were jacked up. I missed second breakfast and then got too hungry before lunch. Afternoon snacks included barbeque chips which did NOTHING to fill me up.

~ school schedules are off balance due to state testing and that threw the kids into chaos mode.

~ bailed on run today.

~ my photo card that I use at school for pictures for the classroom blog got cleaned. I put the card into the reader. About 5 minutes later, I saw the PERFECT photo op. I took the card out because that’s what I do with my dell at home. This window popped up that said some mumbo jumbo about data lost. Sure enough, I put the card in the camera and all images were erased. I’m really upset because it had pictures for the yearbook.

Those are the highlights. I forgot to mention the sore leg, headache, and ridiculous coughing that will. not. stop. But even with all this stuff going on, I know it won’t last and I’ll get back on track tomorrow. Bumps in the road are expected but they usually don’t last forever. It’s still a glass half-full day.

So, how do I deal with a day that needed a do-over by 8am? I make a sandwich. A good one. Hot, melty, chewy, gooey. I made a turkey cranberry with spinach and provolone on wheat. It was just what I needed. I love the process of putting together a simple meal that’s good for me and makes me feel better about a craptastic day. I love the quiet of the kitchen, well, except when Frankie decides he wants to eat again. I love picking out some nice dishes even when it’s just me. I clearly remember when I moved into my first apartment. I do not remember who told me this, they said something about why wait until I get married to enjoy nice china or dishes? Who said a girl has to wait for a wedding registry to have and use pretty dishes? That stuck with me and there were many occasions where I ate a ham sandwich on my great-grandmother’s china that I treasure to this day.




Now, some good sleep and look forward to my normal day tomorrow.

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Michele @ Healthy Cultivations

Thursday 24th of March 2011

You take beautiful photos! And it's never EASY to deal with those rotten days that come along every so often. We can be grateful they're rare!