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Race…..dare I try??

Hmmmm…..okay, like any other OCDish person, let’s put it out there.

Cons: may be too soon
I know I’ll want to do the 10 miles like I want to breathe and eat donuts.
okay, I got nothin’ else.

Pros: it’s CAHABA!! My first trail race and my first and only half trail race.
Mud puddles
flat and fast or as close as it gets
source for self-discipline on not going for the 10. Well, okay, they won’t even let me go past
the aid station if I don’t have my bib marked for the 10, but it will still take a lot of
It will do me tons of good to put on a race bib again.
Trails. I really can’t say much more than that.

Cahaba has always held a special place because I’ve approached each attempt with the same feelings—Not sure I’m ready, but damn sure going to try my hardest.
The first year, I found this race two weeks before the date. I had just raced my first 5K and knew I could run the distance, but trails??
The second year, I was going for the 10..and had a bright shiny new diagnosis for diabetes. I trained my ass off and spent more time getting my fueling right than I did planning my runs.
But again, not sure I was ready.
And this year, back from months of injury hell, I’m not sure I’m ready.

Yeah, I’m going for it.

Well, this can't be good.
I'm running and I'm happy