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One Step Wednesday-Holiday Treadmill

pre holiday

Whether we are ready or not, the holidays are here. It seems like I was carving a pumpkin 5 minutes ago and now the holiday commercials and retail stores are all about Thanksgiving and Christmas. And you know what that means. This is the time of year when 2 things happen:

  1. We want to ramp up our workouts to balance the holiday eating frenzy.
  2. The weather keeps us inside like hermits.

If you have access to a treadmill or if you’re a brave soul who will tackle the weather, this is a very easy BEGINNER workout. All you need is a watch to keep up with your time and some running gear. It starts with a warmup at whatever speed you feel comfortable. Then it repeats a 3 minute walk/1 min run intervals. Again, the speed is completely up to your comfort zone. If “run” means a fast walk because that is where you are right now, then fast walk it. Nobody is going to be chasing you with a printout of this post to make sure you are actually running. Keep it simple, keep it fun.

Happy Wednesday!

 holiday treadmill

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