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Leaves falling yet??

Can you believe this??!! On my neck of the ridge, it was lighter than this and I took advantage of it and went for a slow run around the neighborhood. It was too beautiful to sit in the house. I actually started out with a jacket. In July. In Alabama. Inconceivable!

2014-07-30 05.27

You are thinking of this, aren’t you, Princess Bride quoters?


Anyway, I am still counting down the days that I have left to enjoy breakfast on the back porch. This one is more sausage and eggs. I cannot wait for payday because then I can buy bacon. My heart is lonely without it.


It was another lonely day working in the classroom but I got a LOT done. I’m waiting for the final “last pencil in the right box” moment to share a reveal. I’ll be heading back there Thursday and Friday, too and I have high hopes for getting it all done! Monday is the official start of all the great things in life like school, a job I love, football, warp speed into the holidays, fall, and more bacon. I’m a little giddy at the thought of all that coming up.

I packed lunch with chicken tomatillo soup, fruit/carrot, almond butter. My favorites!


After I ate a late lunch, I was done working in the room. I can only handle so much organizing before my eyes cross and I get twitchy. Besides, I was playing the Glee station on Spotify so I was getting some occasional workouts done in between Swiffer dusting and paper filing.

After finally feeding Frankie, who was threatening to eat a boot, I enjoyed my crock-pot goodness that looks disgusting. I admit when food pictures just capture too much truth like a purple onion in a crock pot with nothing to do all day but spread their colored glory all around.

Cabbage, sausage, apple, bacon oil, purple onion and half a bottle of Woodchuck Cinneapple hard cider. It tasted amazing

caggge 2

Poor Frankie. Actually, we suspect he has a boot fetish.


Peace out!

I just have 1 thing to say..