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Keto Cheese Buns

cheese buns 3This is a new staple to my keto lineup. Buns made out of cheese may be the greatest thing ever.

If you look for Keto ideas, there are gazillions out there. This one is amazing. Even if you’re not into keto, this works for those who can’t eat wheat due to Celiac disease.

This is courtesy of Cheeseisthenewbread on instagram. Check her out to get the recipe. All you need is mozzarella cheese, grated parmesan cheese, and an egg.

cheese buns 2You could also make 1 big pizza crust for a chewy pizza. But I use these as a vehicle for meat and cheese sandwiches. I miss sandwiches. I don’t miss the carb bloat, however. cheese bunscheese buns 4

So how is the keto thing going for me? Not. I haven’t been able to fully cut out sugar and it’s an awful feeling. I’ve been able to completely stop cold turkey sugar and cokes 3 times in my life. Whole30, a post-summer Paleo, and I’m sure there is another time. Saying only twice is just depressing.

Maybe Fabulous February will be the magic pill.

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