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It was a very MERRY Christmas!

Apparently, nobody went and to Santa to tattle on me.

Because I had a lot of awesome under the tree. Everything from clothes, kitchen stuff, teacher stuff, bath and body stuff, and WICK TRIMMERS!!!!!!!




And some new glass. Stephen outdid himself this year. I love my 50. LOVE IT. But, there is a big drawback. It is really cropped. That’s great for food photography when you have room to stand way back from your subject. It’s great for portrait photography with 1 or 2 people. I wanted a wider angle but I desperately needed at least a 2.0 f-stop. That allows a sharp picture at lower light, but most important, it creates that contrast depth of field (sharp foreground, softer background) that is necessary for food photography.

The 28mm is a true wide angle with a 1.8 f-stop. The 35mm with 2.0 is in the middle of the 28 and 50mm and the 2.0 still has some great sharpness.


With one more week until school starts, I have a lot of house cleaning/organizing to do. I imagine I’ll do some lounging around, too. Second semester can be a teaching nightmare with state testing and the PRESSURE. Even at kindergarten.

Coming up….2014!!!

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