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I’m in Fitness Magazine!



My Thankful Thursday topic is easy to explain this week Smile

I still have trouble believing that is me. When my edition came in the mail, I did a big jumping girl screaming fit. Then I checked to make sure that was really me.

A few months ago, the editor contacted me about the “Fit Happens” feature and wanted to know more about my running story. I didn’t think it was anything special, but she said it would be great for the regular feature. We talked a couple of months ago and now it’s been published. She did an outstanding job taking our long conversation and getting it into a concise article. I’ve been reading Fitness for years but actually being featured was never on my radar.

Thank you to all the “likes” and comments on facebook. And I am going to grab another copy to give my sister. I want my nephew to one day look at Aunt Kat in a girly magazine. He won’t be as impressed as if it were a fishing magazine, but he’ll know that once upon a time, his Aunt Kat had 5 minutes of fame Smile

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Friday 5th of July 2013

WAHOO That's amazing!!!! :D Did you initially contact them? How did the editor get your contact information?!

Again, this is amazing! I cannot wait to read the magazine!!


Friday 26th of July 2013

They contacted me through Fitfluential.


Thursday 4th of July 2013

Congratulations! I will have to check it out. Hopefully my copy is waiting for me at home since I've been gone for a while.


Thursday 4th of July 2013

Turn to the very back page :D


Thursday 4th of July 2013

WOW!!! Congratulations - very cool!!! You should be incredibly proud!!


Thursday 4th of July 2013

thank you! It's been a couple of weeks and I still can't believe it.


Thursday 4th of July 2013

I bought my copy! I have read it several times. Good job.