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I survived Black Friday

2013-11-29 05.28.23

Another year, another Black Friday. My family has been doing this for many years, long before it became such a national news maker. In fact, we now celebrate our family Thanksgiving on the Saturday after the actual day. My sister and I spend Thanksgiving with our inlaws and travel late Thursday to our parents’ house so we can get up and go shopping in Friday.

This year, we got an early start, leaving the house at 3:30am. The picture above is the first place we went, Bass Pro Shops. They usually open sooner than the malls and usually have some good sales on womens’ sport clothing. I do not hunt or fish, but I’m married to one and I grew up in a family that hunts so there is always a list from Bass Pro.

After that, we hit the malls. Because so many stores and the main mall started opening on Thursday at 6pm, there were absolutely no crowds. We were 1 of 6 cars in the parking lot. It was very surreal. Almost spooky. My sister and I found some fantastic deals on clothing.  I usually find most of my winter essentials on this trip. Keep in mind, winter is about 3 months in Alabama. But when it’s below 40*, a girl needs sweaters. I also scored a smaller size than a few weeks ago.

No family trip is complete without a pass through Bath and Body Works. I sniffed the new smells and found one I liked. Since I teach little kids, I do not wear perfume due to so many kids with allergies. I use those B&BW spray things instead of perfume. Also..I’m absolutely in love with this stuff: Eucaluptus Spearamint bath and pillow spray. My mother got me a gift set with Eucalyptus when I lived in Memphis and was so sick ALL THE TIME. The pillow spray really helped me breathe at night and it’s not a greasy goo stuff like the Vicks’ vapor rub. I have used this stuff every year since and I get several bottles on Black Friday when there are great deals.

We had lunch at Logan’s, which is a very gluten-free friendly place.  Steak, shrimp and potato for the win.

2013-11-29 11.39.50

We survived and returned home to watch some football games and unwind with my hilarious nephew. It was a great day and one of the oldest and most treasured traditions in our family. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving 2013