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I still have my kidneys-Black Friday 2012

Before I get into my adventures, just look at this foolishness.


They are fighting over go-phones. What in the world???Did you see that woman knocking down people to see what the fuss was about? I guarantee these people would fight over bagged pony poop if it was on sale and under a big sheet before 6:00 AM. And the real question: How did that balloon survive all that? People are getting trampled and dying and all, and the always lurking Walmart balloon with that creepy smile is still bouncing around at the end. I don’t get it.

We have been after-Thanksgiving shopping for over 30 years back when it seemed only Jackson, MS had crazy 5am deals. We learned a long time ago to steer clear of Walmart. We will NEVER forget the year we got to walmart about an hour after the rush and all that was left in the doorway was a pulverized poinsettia and one shoe. It was a little scary.

The day started out early with grumbling and whining and nothing-could-please-‘em type of attitude.


But then I felt much better after I got warm in the car and had some juice Open-mouthed smile Jackson up there is a great shopping buddy. He went right back to sleep in the car and when we got him up to go inside, he was all smiles as long as he had his hat and his “bear” (gingerbread man).

He wasn’t too sure about the reindeer.


Because a new outdoor mall had opened a couple of years ago, the indoor mall crowd was the smallest I’ve ever seen. We didn’t have to stand in line too long at any store. Actually, I didn’t stand much at all. My ribs hurt and I found comfy chairs most of the day.

Then, we went to walmart and it was a ghost town. But someone was getting sleepy. Some of us were on a mad goose chase for Madea’s Christmas movie for Momma. Some were just tooling around. Momma was looking for yarn for Grandma (which Jackson is modeling below). Finally, we decided to get back home to make ornaments and watch the LSU-Arkansas game.


Back at home, this is what some of the family wanted to do: (okay..everyone but me. My sister is a die-hard fan and that’s great. My parents have never had any kind of college loyalty but now they love to hate on Alabama and cheer LSU because she does. I don’t get it.)

This is what actually happened:

Every one of us passed out somewhere, even the baby and the dogs.

Then it was ornament making time!






After the nap and ornaments, it was that time of year. Connecting electronics in the hopes it can be done quickly.

We started out with this:


Then this happened:

Finally, we figured out how to google exactly what we wanted to do and 18 hours later, we had the TV, satellite box, and DVD player all hooked up and working together in harmony like the Coke song says.

After a long day of shopping and extreme electrical engineering, we are looking forward to eating a big turkey tomorrow.

Countdown to Thanksgiving!