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He knows when you’re awake

We made it to Friday!!

I can’t actually NOT WORK while I’m at my school, but the holiday insanity is just gearing up. We had a ton of fun this week doing various gingerbread activities. Check it out. I’m a master man baker.

2014-12-12 10.34.44-2

And my Fitbit Charge has been showing the results of all this frantic-ness.

2014-12-17 05.45.36

This is one of the few days I reached the new goal for the’s Fitness Fitbit Blogger Challenge. Our goal this week is to hit 15K steps. Having a crazy week at school certainly helps. Lately, I’ve been hitting 10K before lunch. I also ran today to keep up with my Runner’s World Run streak for the end of 2014.

Loving running, loving the extra steps, not loving the holiday weight gain. That will make my January Whole 30 that much sweeter.

Two more weeks!

Run run as fast as you can
Jack Frost has forgotten us.