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Happy Boo Day!

The oatmeal experiment was interesting. Oatmeal, Kashi, and some blueberries made for a very tart but filling breakfast. I used too many blueberries but I certainly ate more than I usually get when it’s just blueberries. Those things are a superfood and I need more of them.

Also this past week, I tried 2 new recipes from the wonderful website Kath Eats Real Food. The first was an apple bacon fritatta. It was amazing. The little bit of bacon mixed with the apples and cheddar made an ordinary fritatta so much better.

The other was a beans and greens wth wine.  The original recipe calls for maple syrup and wine for wilting the greens. I left out the maple because my blood sugar at the time was not very happy. I bet it’s a great combination and I hope to try it next time. (tonight?!)

This morning, I loaded up on eggs and grits! It’s been a while and I swear I could hear the theme song from Gone With the Wind in the background. It doesn’t get much more southern than that. Well, maybe if I threw a catfish on top, but that’s just nasty.  After breafast, I braved walmart….on halloween…and it was just plain ugly. I managed to snag some yummy looking apples, but true to walmart form, the first one I tried was as tasteless as a hockey puck. Not that I go around licking hockey pucks or anything.

Lunch was leftover veggie soup. Dinner while passing out candy was steak, baked sweet potato and grilled asparagus/mushrooms/corn. It was fantastic and filled up my iron tank for the week.

I got a 3 mile run in before the biggie tomorrow. I need 8. I want 8. I want 8 without pain or deflated lungs. Crossing all fingers here.

Fasting B.S 121

Bedtime B.S 165

Goal--sleep by 9:30
November...race month