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Happy Halloween!

2014-10-31 10.29.43

Public service announcement. Say no to blow. Red Ribbon Week door. We won 2nd place!!

2014-10-31 09.47.07-2

My costume for “superhero” day.

2014-10-31 06.21.42

Just kidding. I wore this after school. I found a superman Tshirt with a cape on it. Apparently, a few of us shop at wal-mart for a costume because I spied several t-shirt-with-a-cape costumes. 

And I am so mad at myself I could scream. I left my camera at home and I got so caught up in the Halloween party that I did not get one.single.picture of all the cool stuff we did and made. We had Goblin punch, spider cookies, “Witches’ Brew” snack mix, and ghost cheese sticks. It was so much fun and I do not have the pictures to prove it. Halloween party FAIL.

Tomorrow is November 1st. Buckle up the seatbelts, this is going to be a fast and bumpy ride!

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