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Driving in on the crazy train-Colorado Day 1

And I’m not in Oklahoma as I stated in the last post.

We left the house at 1:30 am. Stephen started driving. I took an Ambien and said nighty-night until I woke up somewhere in Arkansas. That’s how we do this. I get to miss the first 6-7 hours of driving and he gets to drive as fast as he wants without me grabbing handles and dashboards. There’s not much traffic that early and he makes excellent time.

Breakfast on the road. McDonalds oatmeal. I was impressed. I asked for no brown sugar. It was the right consistency for me. Still slightly chewy and NOT slimy. oats2

I have to be honest. This commercial made an impact on me and I wanted to try it. And yes, “I’ve got to blog about this!”. 🙂


After a long STRAIGHT drive through the fly over state of OK, we stopped for lunch. Seeing a theme here? Long drives, food, long drive, more food. We stopped at a place called Braums. They advertise some interesting things. Local dairy for their fabulous ice cream/malts/shakes. And no pink slime in their beef.

The very heart of the Braum operation is the Braum Family Farm located in Tuttle, Oklahoma. This 10,000 acre working family farm is home to Braum’s private dairy herd, milk barn, processing plant, bakery and warehouse distribution facility, truck maintenance facility, and water treatment plant.

What was interesting was their store. They had a fresh market as part of their “fast food” type eating area. A large refrigerated aisle had fresh produce and travel food. One aisle had bread/cereal/grains. One area was washing/cooking/cleaning/canned goods. It was a mini market. Very neat.  And so was this burger.


Along the way to Amarillo, we had this crazy idea. Let’s just drive straight through to Colorado. Why not? I had napped for bit and so had he while I was driving. We stopped to fill up–after the light came on 30 miles ago….we were so busy strategizing that we forgot to get gas. We filled up on coffee, too. cup

Colorado, here we come….half a day early. Little did we know the storms we were chasing.

T-3 hours until Colorado bound!!!
Taking it easy-Colorado Day 2

Nicole from 'Just Live It'

Saturday 9th of June 2012

I was wondering how McDonald's oatmeal was! :)