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Dog breath

That’s about what I feel when I walk outside—a really big dog breathing in my face. I’m going to keep this one short and sweet.

When I go about trying to accurately describe black-eyed peas, I sort of feel like I’m describing ladies of the oldest profession.



Can fixed up to look fancier than they actually are.

Maybe I should elaborate.

I hate the dry bean pre-boil or soak or whatever to GET THEM READY to cook them. I like throwing them in the crock pot and letting them cook all day like I do everything else in the crock pot.

But after I cooked them, they looked boring. Nothing wrong with boring food, especially cheap food. The prices of staples these days are ridiculous. Have y’all really noticed how the prices of  milk, bread, butter, flour, and COFFEE have gone up??

Instead of throwing the crock pot on the table, I got a little bit of extra energy that the humidity couldn’t find and thought about setting a nice table, just for peas. No reason to treat them like a poor relation. Give peas a chance!

peas5 copy

They were good, filling, and nutritious. That’s all I can ask when it’s too hot to cook. Or breathe good air.

It’ a Pie Thing
Taking it easy and stayin’ alive.


Sunday 24th of July 2011

A freakin' avocado is $1.99...AND I LIVE IN CALIF!