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Decisions, decisions

I had an elaborate meal planned, but when it was time for dinner, I didn’t want it. I’m weird that way. I wanted something along the lines of comfort food. I’m not sick or anything, I was just craving something different.

It was a great day today and I had already run, but I was kinda…homesick..but not for my childhood home. I know, it’s weird. I felt a little off balance, and was fighting that urge to withdraw to myself, skip dinner, and go to bed in a funk. I settled on making something different.

I’ve been glued to the Olympics this week. I’m in awe of the various sizes and shapes of the athletes. For example, figure skaters benefit from a very slim petite profile, while bobsledders need a much more powerful compact bottom half. They are all still athletes who work extremely hard on their bodies and skills. It’s reassuring to me, who will never have the figure skater profile, knowing that my body and mind is happier when I work hard on the balance of physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. Even as I know I’m not a model, I know I’m taking much better care of myself for the long haul. It’s easy to forget that I’m living with something that rarely allows it’s prisoners to make it to 90. I don’t know many 90 year old diabetics. It’s so easy for me to get caught up in the here and now and get ill because I’m not dropping weight as fast as I would like or my weenie arms aren’t in tank top shape yet. I’m training for a half trail marathon in May. I’m running pain free! This blog originally started as an injury journal and I couldn’t run 1 mile without screaming in agony. Look at me now!

***I interrupt this pontificating to say I HATE THE “FIVE DOLLAR FOOTLONG” SUBWAY COMMERCIAL! It makes me want to throw things. There. I said it.***

Cajun chicken pasta with skinny Alfredo.

Cube chicken, saute’ with favorite cajun spices, salt, pepper, onions, mushrooms, and garlic. If I had sun-dried tomatoes, those would go in. I love this with sun-dried tomatoes.

Cook noodles, and drain, but do not rinse! I use wheat angel hair. Add to chicken along with green onions. Keep warm on low while making alfredo sauce.

Light Alfredo—warm a can of skim evaporated milk. Add fresh parm. That’s it. Real alfredo is made with heavy cream and butter with parmesan cheese. This lightened (by a LOT) version will not make a thick sauce. However, in a recipe such as this, when I add the sauce to the pan of chicken and noodles, it thickens on its own because the noodles have their own starch on them.This picture is when I first poured it over the chicken and noodles. After I stir it together, it thickens nicely.

Add a glass of wine and it’s not bad at all. Perfect comfort food.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner
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Sarah (Running to Slow Things Down)

Thursday 25th of February 2010

Comfort food is right. That looks awesome! :D I've never seen wheat angel hair around, but I'm sure whole foods would have it. I'll need to check next time I'm there. :D