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Day 25 of Whole 30. Winding down

After 25 days, I’m about ready to rip into a dark chocolate chip.

This morning started off great. I had half of my usual breakfast shake. I also took my sinus medicine (antibiotic, heavy dose of Mucinex) since I was eating breakfast. The CrossFit workout was INSANE!

For time:
1000m row
50 sit-ups
40 box jumps
30 knees-2-elbows
20 burpees
800m run

After I finished, I laid down on the mat and tried to catch my breath. I finished in 19 minutes which isn’t fast. I was extremely hot and fuzzy brained. But then I got really really cold. Shivering cold. I got up and got the showers and got the water as hot as I could stand. It felt great for about 10 seconds and then I was on the floor of the shower. I got very dizzy and lightheaded. I had a honey stinger in my bag and ate that while I sat under the water which was now way too hot. 15 minutes later I felt good enough to stand and dry off and dress. I didn’t take the time to fix my hair or face and decided to drive to school and let my skin return to normal and do my hair at school. My glucose level 20 minutes after eating the honey was 65.  I have no idea what caused this, but I have a feeling of low carbs in my system, prescription strength cold meds, and hot shower before my heart rate slowed down all made for a very bad trip. I felt “off” for the rest of the day. I alternated between sleepy, cold, hot, anxious, sweating, etc.

I had soup for lunch. I actually had some salad greens with grilled chicken prepared but I didn’t feel like chewing. Seriously. It took too much energy. I ate my soup and muddled through the day.

Dinner was spaghetti for Stephen and spaghetti meat/sauce over sautéed squash for me.

I chopped the squash, a regular yellow summer squash, with a little garlic and oregano in olive oil. I cook it until it is cooked through, but still a little crispy. Then I layered the beef with pasta sauce on top. I don’t care about the noodles because I can never taste the noodles. I can taste squash cooked in olive oil, garlic and oregano.


And a random picture I took on the way home from school today. One of these days, I’m going to use the camera for more than food. I miss doing photography and I feel another 365 project coming on.


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