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Daily Hmmm…11/14/11

~ Football….could it be possible?? Any chance of a bama-lsu rematch?

~ The house is done! Top to bottom Christmas crap everywhere. It looks like Frosty, Rudolph, and Grinch went 5 rounds with Santa.

~ Penn State/Sandusky. Please. Get the guy in prison. They’re waiting for him.

~ I have a first gen ipod nano. Yes that’s how old I am and how long I keep stuff. It works great and I do NOT like the design of the new nanos. However…I would hate for the thing to catch on fire while it’s strapped to my waist or bra. Decisions….

~ I really dislike the curly new font on Self Magazine. So much that I’ve stopped reading it.

~ Is it too early to beg for snow this year???

What does that mean?
Oh yeah, baby SECOND WIND