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A good ending

After that Friday morning, things accelerated quickly. The next morning, he was taken off the vent and had the food tube taken out. He was sitting up on his own talking to us. I had to go back to school but Mom kept me updated.  He had developed a few blood clots, one particular in his arm that was preventing him from using that arm. The next Wednesday, he was moved to a regular room and I made plans to stay with him the week of thanksgiving since I was off work and Mom needed to work.

He progressed rapidly during those last days. I went to physical therapy with him Mom-Wed (Nov 23-25th) and he completed all his exercises without grumbling or complaining. He was finally released from the hospital Wednesday afternoon around 3pm.

Obviously, we had a lot of stuff after 3 weeks. Mom said she felt like the Beverly Hillbillies. She half expected them to just throw dad’s wheelchair up on top.







He was a happy camper, finally.

Now things return to….some sort of normalcy maybe.

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