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6 Tips for Fighting Winter Colds

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While I love the cooler air and the crisp wind in my face, I do NOT love the coughing and snorting and feeling like warmed over garbage. That’s a brief picture of what winter illness feels like for me. When the body aches start and the swimming head kick in, I just want to crawl under the blankets forever.

However, I can’t make a living like that. There are a few never-fail tips that work, even if they sound silly. Okay, well, the Vicks on my feet thing sounds ridiculous but it WORKS!! I just won’t include that one in the list.

Vitamin C

We’ve all heard the “rule”. Take Vitamin C to help boost immunity and PREVENT the common cold. There are buckets of studies for and against this rule. Many say it does nothing. However, Carol Haggans of the National Institute of Health has other ideas. There are a few exceptions to the naysayer group.

There are a couple other notable exceptions to the "vitamin C doesn’t prevent colds" rule. "For some people, such as marathon runners, skiers and those in the military…[vitamin C] does seem to help reduce the chances of getting a cold," says Haggans. Those who are under extreme exercise or weather conditions (which could compromise your immune system) may see a benefit from taking between 250 and 1,000 mg of vitamin C, she says.


This may be one of the hardest things to do. Getting adequate sleep can be as elusive as the fountain of youth. So many of us have sleep disorders in various forms. In many cases, a few nights of real deep sleep can be the ultimate healer.



I sure did just throw that out there. I’m a big fan. In fact, many other people are big fans which is why this recipe is one of my most popular. But it’s more than a tumbler of Beam. You need the honey, lemon, and peppermint to create a truly effective cough remedy that might help with sleep, as well.


The unwritten rule is if your symptoms are above the neck, light exercise can be effective in fighting off the crap feeling. Also, take that brisk walk outside, and you’ll get beneficial Vitamin D. If you have chest congestion, it’s best to stick to rest and yoga or stretching. Anything that moves your muscles and keeps the blood flowing will help you feel better. Even a few minutes between making hot toddies and eating Christmas cookies. Smile

kettle fire broth


I am a very firm believer in the Jewish penicillin aka Chicken soup/bone broth. Bones are mineral-rich and broth from bones have proven anti-inflammatory properties. I posted earlier this fall about how easy it is to make your own OR try a very good shelf-stable alternative.  Whichever you choose, make it hot and sip away the gunky germs.


“There’s an oil for that”. We’ve all heard it from our crunchy friends. Got a broken nail? rub some oil on the bleeding wound in your nail bed. Lost a limb? Rub on some peppermint. It seems to work for everything. Got a cold? Turn on that diffuser and breathe in the health.

Maybe I’m a little silly. While I do not think oils cure everything, I do experience great relief using specific oils for diffusing and in my bathtub. I use On Guard by DoTera and various versions like Thieves by Young Living. I use eucalyptus and vanilla in my bath water in the form of bubble bath. Epsom salts and eucalyptus really help open the nasal passages. (I do not sell these. I just buy them)

I hope nobody will need these tips ever again and we can all live in a cold-and-flu-free society, but I know some of us will rely on these tomorrow. The flu is in full swing and many of us are miserable. If none of these work for you, there is always Christmas cookies. Dip them in whisky. Thank me later.

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