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Why run when you can….not? 6 month Running Challenge

That’s the story of my life this week. No running. Too busy trying to get well. I’m not panicking or anything. I still have a few weeks until my first half of the spring season. Never mind that my training plan is a new one that I’ve never tested. A plan involving less running and more crossfit/strength/power training. This is going to be fun. I am enjoying the less pressure to run 5 days a week. Never mind that I actually want to run when I’m not scheduled to do so. How about that for being stubborn and maybe some reverse psychology?

Up until this week, I’ve been going strong on my 6 month running challenge. This is the first year that I’ve been consistent with winter running. I usually lay low from Dec-Feb. Thanks to this challenge (HUGE THANKS TO Jobo!), I’m running more than ever in the winter and that makes me feel fabulous. Each week, I do a short interval, long interval, and tempo/long run. For a few weeks, I’ve added in some additional stress relief runs that serve no other purpose but to feel my legs move. I have no goals for these and do not even record most of them.

This weekend is supposed to be my longest tempo run since St. Jude. Considering I’m sick in bed as we speak and the fever won’t quit, I’m thinking this is going to be a big fail. It’s too early to wear my body down. We’ve got several long trail hikes planned in training for Pike’s Peak. I’ve got 3 half marys in April, May, June, and then resume marathon training in August. I’ve got time to put this one run this weekend off until next. If I can heal up and begin the week strong with CrossFit and Tuesday’s short intervals, I’ll be good for next Saturday. It will be the first weekend of my birthday month and we all know I celebrate the whole month. 😉 Why not start it off with a good strong healthy long tempo run?


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Monday 27th of February 2012

oh yay! I am so glad the challenge has been helping you!! It's done wonders for me! Who knew when I put that little idea together, it would help so much?!