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Whole 30:D5 Friday Frivolities

Oh wow. Day 5 is the beginning of the Kill All the Things stage and like last time, it’s not that bad….yet.

I went to CrossFit this morning. Most of the class was working on the CrossFit Games Open 14.3, However, I know me. I can’t do half that junk so I’m glad the trainers put this nice little bit of help for us old and broke-down folks.

 2014-03-14 06.12.11

That one was much better for me. I did step ups for my box jumps. Did you know that step ups ARE considered RX (prescribed) for use in the Games? Most people do not use them since they take longer, but for someone who is deathly afraid of losing all my shin skin AGAIN, I’m digging these step ups for box jumps. I don’t look near as cool or efficient, but hey. Day 5 of Whole 30 is going on so everyone is just glad I didn’t throw a plate at some heads. My final score was 6 rounds with 85# DL. Not bad for a recovering slacker.

Halfway through my afternoon, I promise I felt my scalp itching for anything with sugar in it. It was snack time in kindergarten and I think some students wised up to the fact I was hanging around sniffing their juice boxes. It was embarrassing. I finally dug around in my bag and found an RX Bar. That thing SAVED ME. I had about 3 bites and felt better. I just needed food. I didn’t have a huge lunch so by 2:00, I thought I needed a Coke. The water and RX Bar worked wonders. This is my favorite flavor. That might be because it is the ONLY flavor I have tried. But it’s REALLY GOOD! And completely Whole-30 compliant.

2014-03-14 10.36.22

3:15 and I am RACING out of the door. We have one more week until Spring Break. Which means I’m not spending one more minute in the school building. I was dragging a 600lb teacher bag, but I was clearing the parking lot on 2 wheels. And it was sunroof weather. So, naturally, anything with Luke Bryan was going to be shared with anybody next to me at a red light.

2014-03-14 15.28.20

It was a great Friday even though I was doing the hover-pee thing by 3:00. Deadlifts make everything sore. One day I’ll learn to NEVER stop going to CF even when sick with fever and suspected meningitis exposure. I should always go anyway and share my kind of love with the whole world. Kidding. My trainer would shoot me.

Let’s wrap this up.


Breakfast: Banana ( a few bites) and a spoonful of almond butter. I’m not liking this before XF. I’m going back to putting that naner, almond butter, coffee, and ice in a blender. I just can. NOT. eat that early. I had hoped that quirk about me was gone, but no.

Second Breakfast: My last square of Sausage Sweet Potato Quiche and mandarin.


Lunch: Thai Coconut soup. Recipe coming up soon!

Snack: The above mentioned RX Bar and water

Dinner: It was just me so I had leftovers. Shaved Brussels with chicken thighs.


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