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Whole 30 Days 13 and 14: the lucky ones

I spent a very enjoyable Saturday doing nothing out of the ordinary. Laundry, cleaning house, catching up on Glee, and dreaming about chocolate.

This one is short and sweet. Saturday, I didn’t do much so I didn’t eat much.

Soup, chicken, fruit.

Sunday, I made stuff for breakfast and lunch this week.  One good benefit of Whole 30 is I HAVE to pre-cook some meals and I HAVE to pack my lunch. I can’t eat anything off the school cafeteria except the salad bar.

I made a breakfast casserole. Instead of making this in muffin cups, I put sausage, veggies, and eggs in a pan and baked it. Much easier to remove. I have wonky muffin tins and I even used those foil cup things. I like the plain square pan better.

I made another HUGE pot of chicken soup. The real secret to this is to use a whole chicken and let it simmer on a very low bubble for a while. This allows all that chicken “Jewish penicillin” to work throughout the vegetables. I will never make soup out of plain chicken breasts again. I saved the bones to make bone broth later this winter.

I also threw in another batch of sweet potatoes with coconut oil while the breakfast casserole was baking.

I’m still in that weird dream stage, but still feeling pretty good. Pretty even. No major surges of energy or depressing slumps, either. Cruising.

I just realized…by the time this Whole 30 is over, I’m all set up for Lent. Not that I’m Catholic or anything, but each year, I dabble at cutting back on sugar for Lent. So this year, maybe I’ll give up some of my OCD tendencies. I might buy a regular top Sharpie. The mind boggles at that, doesn’t it? Smile

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