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Whole 30 Day 17: Storms abound

Greetings. I didn’t bound out of bed this morning. The storms started around 5am and I was awake for awhile, then back to sleep for a couple more hours. We had a 3 hour delay to school, thank goodness they let us know before we went to sleep. Having my sleep broken up like that made for a zombie start to my day. For some reason, delays to school make the day seem longer. The schedule for students and teachers is off balance and when a few kids do not show up, the day is switched to a review day. It’s just a whacked out day. I’m very happy to report that we didn’t have any damage from the storms, nor did any of our friends or family.

Because I had plenty of time, I made a breakfast smoothie out of 1 banana, 1 cup of coffee, 2 Tablespoons of almond butter, 1 Tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder,  and a couple of ice cubes. I normally drink this before CrossFit because I can’t eat solid food so early in the morning. Whole 30 frowns on juicing or smoothies because of the volumetric theory, but if I normally would eat a banana with almond butter and drink 1 cup of coffee with cocoa powder, it doesn’t matter if I blend it so I can get it down without gagging. It’s my rule and I refuse to be kicked off the Whole 30 island.

Lunch was ridiculous. We had to eat in our rooms because of no room in the cafeteria. I didn’t eat with the kids since I couldn’t use a microwave. I ate during my planning time and it was soup, spinach with chicken, squash, and mushrooms. I can’t imagine going back to a creamy ranch type of dressing. I love the oil and vinegar or oil and lemon juice. I can taste the salad veggies instead of tasting dressing. I never have used a lot of cream dressings because I do like to taste salad. However, I do not miss it.


Afternoon snack: olives and tons of water.

Dinner: Orange Beef stir fry. Squash, zucchini, carrots, mushrooms, beef. Sauce was a mix of beef broth and 2 Tablespoons of OJ.


Day 17 was chaotic, but I didn’t falter or grab something because it was “stressful”. I bet the sugar in a Coke would make my teeth ache right now. That’s a good thing. Maybe I’m finally going to beat this!

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