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What to expect when camping in the cold.

Expect to have a friend or family member who owns a climate controlled motor home. Otherwise, stay home.

I don’t mind camping in the low 20’s in Colorado in June. I do mind camping in the 30’s in Alabama. Two different animals and I have no idea why. But we had a blast anyway. By the time we got to the campsite, the sun was setting. We were set above a bluff that looked over a cove in the river. It was extremely peaceful. The perfect beginning to a week away from work. We had a big pot of vegetable soup and then I crashed at 10pm like the raging party animal that I am. The rest of the family (all of us in the motor home..and 2 dogs) sat around telling stories and usually that is my favorite part of getting together with Stephen’s relatives. But I couldn’t stay awake.


camping 2

The next morning, I rocked the sock monkey pjs with CrossFit shoes and coffee by the fire. I was feeling good.

2014-03-22 07.49.12

Breakfast is better by a fire.

2014-03-22 09.12.04

Burgers for lunch. I don’t mind no bread with burgers seasoned like this. Grilled veggies, but that tomato was quickly flung to the dogs.

2014-03-22 17.04.29

Two of the best furbabies around. The youngest is Ebbie. She is the niece to Dixie. Dixie and I have been in the family about the same time, so we bonded like glue a long time ago. These Australian Shepherds have so much character and being around them just make life interesting.

2014-03-22 16.46.552014-03-22 18.38.45-2

After talking and gabbing about everything under the sun, it was time to head home so Stephen could get ready for his next run of shifts and I could get busy planning out the office!

Whole 30 Days 12 and 13.


Breakfasts: Eggs, bacon both days. I had a larger portion so I wouldn’t be hungry later. Today was better than yesterday.

Lunch: Friday was more soup and it was still just as good. Saturday, I had burgers (no bun) with grilled vegetables with olive oil, vinegar, and dried herbs for seasoning.

Dinner Friday: Vegetable soup by the fire! Saturday, I made breakfast for dinner. Huge veggie omelet with chicken sausage.

I don’t know if it’s external factors like being off a week or the relief that I got all the stuff done at school before I came home, but Saturday, I felt downright bright eyed and bushy tailed. I feel the energy slump starting to disappear Smile 

Looking forward to the Tiger Blood stage…I could use some “pick-me-up” in my step.

Oh well. Happy Saturday!

Bring on the Weekend W30:D11
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