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Weekly Meal Plan March 3-9

This week, I’m backing off of re-introducing anything. I’m not going complete Whole 30 because I like to leave my options open, but I’m sticking very close to it. No grains, minimum dairy if any, and no sugar! Last weeks’ adventure with rice and potatoes is not something I want to live again this week.


Sunday: Broccoli cauliflower soup with Bacon

Monday: California vegetables with herbs and olive oil, smoked sausage

Tuesday: Beef stew with carrots and white sweet potatoes

Wednesday: Orange shrimp with zucchini noodles

Thursday: Bacon-wrapped beef tenderloin with baby brussels and parsnip fries.

Friday: Salmon with kale and spicy carrots

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I need a full week of workouts! I still have some weight to get off.

Monday: AM CrossFit, PM 4 miles

Tuesday: AM CrossFit, PM 5 miles, Cathe video

Wednesday: rest AM, PM 3 miles, Cathe video

Thursday: AM CrossFit

Friday: AM CrossFit, PM 3 miles, Cathe video

Saturday: 7 miles at the lake


This week is all about tracking again. I’m so bad about that. Maybe if I keep it as THE ONLY goal this week, I’ll actually do better at keeping track of workouts and food.

Busy week coming up! I’m ready for it. Smile

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