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Walking in a winter in June wonderland

Brrr. If we didn’t have this tent and sub-0 sleeping bag, I would be in a Motel 6 by now. I love camping and all that jazz but frigid is seriously not cool in June. We got and got the fire going for coffee. Actually what I mean is Stephen got up and made the fire and coffee while I stayed wrapped up tighter than a present in December. It is cold, y’all. After he brought my thaw out juice, I made breakfast. Over the fire. Because fire is warm.

Then we had some road riding to do. We found waterfalls. More snowy peaks. Beautiful lakes. And finally I settled down in a warm truck while he went trout fishing with all the other crazy fishing people.

We skipped lunch and I snacked on trail jerky and a cookie while working the hardest Sodoku puzzle ever. When did they add A-F to the 1-9?? It took me 4 hours. Tomorrow I’m driving into town to find a puzzle book. I love those things like monkeys love groomed hair. I’m also going to grab some canned tomatoes for soup. I don’t have the heart to tell Stephen that it’s too cold for trout to play. I’m just going to have a standby pot of soup ready in case his day of fishing is a bust.

After sunset, all is right with the world. Big fire and something warm in my cup.20140617-111521-40521893.jpg







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