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Waiting on good news

This morning, I got up bright and early to make 4 breakfast casseroles for the annual Hillcrest Football breakfast. Our congregation was responsible for food and the speaker so 5 of us showed up with a ton of food and our preacher. When the line ended, this is all that was left. A few scoops of breakfast bliss and some jelly.

2014-09-12 07.10.43

Then we got to hear a few words from Scott. He is our new preacher and he had some great thoughts for this team before they played tonight.

2014-09-12 07.17.32

After fighting the traffic back to Northport, the waiting began. It was my final post-op appointment. And I did get some good news. I have been cleared for all work and workout duty. There were some complications after my last attempt at working out and running so I had to wait to hear that things had healed properly. My hormones were back to normal and hopefully my body is ready to heal and try again at this baby-keeping business. I’m under strict orders to take pre-natal vitamins, build up my immune system, cut the sugar and crap carbs if I want to get my glucose as low as it needs to be, and chill out so I can enjoy where I am in life right now. We talked a bit about depression. It isn’t magically going away but it is getting better. In my head, I know I have a LOT to be grateful for and I know we will have a very fulfilled life if its just the two of us. Sometimes my heart and emotions need a bigger reminder.

And on that note, it is a very busy and beautiful Friday!

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