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W30:D18 Great Balls of Fire

I was up and at Wal-Mart by 7:00. On a day off from school. I COULD have slept in but I woke up and my feet were on the floor before I had my eyes open. That’s how most mornings should start for me.

I got up, drank a metric ton of water (lots of salt last night), grabbed a cup of coffee and an apple and I was out of the door. It was a light breakfast, but I wasn’t hungry. Last nights hunk o’ beef held me over for a while this morning.

After going to several places with my list including Home Depot trip #3, I returned home to get busy in the office transformation again.

Before the day was over, we both had blue skin and happy hearts. We got a LOT done. Sneak preview:

Custom built by Stephen. The colors are washed out on the walls, but I’ll have better color pics later for the big reveal.


See where the blue came in…


and see where it landed…(I still have blue feet)

2014-03-27 18.57.51

We ate food. Leftovers. I had steak, soup, chicken, and salad greens. I do not have pictures because I was too busy with paint.

Stephen said tonight he was ready to go back to work so he could get some rest. He’s kidding, but he’s definitely noticed my increase in energy and initiative.

Happy Weekend coming up!

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