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W30:D16 Let the Party begin

I woke up ready to tackle the world. Or at least this.


This is the Random room. It’s where we put stuff we don’t have a place for yet. And the craft room filled with half-completed projects. And the photography room where the food pic magic happens, but the real magic is wading through this daily without breaking my neck.

We are turning this small room into MY room. But more on that as we go.

Today is all about food as FUEL. I need to put in some long hours. I need good food to do it.

You know how bad gasoline in your truck will make trouble? It will not run efficeintly. Or at all if it’s REALLY bad gasoline. That’s what a lot of sugar and grains do to me. I want to nap all the time. I’m grouchy. I’m not running (literally) efficiently or sleeping good.

So today, for day 15 I’m looking forward to having time to savor the cooking and eating. After I’m done, I’m skipping the food coma nap and getting back to room demolition.


Breakfast. This is more than I usually eat on a school day. I was very hungry when I woke up.

2014-03-25 10.24.42

Lunch: I didn’t need a snack today since I filled up for breakfast. Lunch was salmon and broccoli. I had this a few days ago and was craving it again.


Dinner: Bacon-wrapped pork loin. It was fantastic.

bacon pork loin

In addition to a lot of water, this was my food for today. I didn’t have much time to get bored and think about random grazing. I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t think about snacking.

I think I feel a little bit of the Tiger Blood coming back….

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