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Verizon EDGE~New phone every year

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Verizon Wireless

When I got my very first iPhone after being a Blackberry user for years, I knew I was smart to wait. I had to wait for the iPhone to go live on the Verizon network because I refused to give up the fantastic service I have had with them since 2005. I was very tempted to switch to other carriers just to get the iPhone, but I waited. And I’m glad I did. What I do NOT like is having to wait 2 years to get the latest phone. And I do not like paying $200 at once for the latest gadget to feed my tech addiction.

Enter Verizon EDGE.

Verizon Edge is a plan that lets you get a new Verizon phone this year, and every year after that.

  • Upgrade every year

  • No upgrade fees

  • No long-term service contract

  • PICK A NEW PHONE: The full retail price is split into 24 monthly payments, and added to your usual monthly bill.

  • ENJOY FOR 6 MONTHS: After 6 months, with at least 50% of your phone’s price paid off, you’re eligible for upgrades

  • EDGE UP: Trade in your existing device and select your new one. It’s that simple. The existing device must be in good working condition. Don’t think you can drop your phone in the river and then EDGE up.

  • This is a deal that I can look forward to!

    Check out this video for more information.


    Please check out this link for more information and the details.

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    It was a very MERRY Christmas!

    Patti Smith

    Monday 30th of December 2013

    We're a 4 Verizon I-phone family, and my husband is the only one who easily makes it two years without needing a new phone. The Edge sounds like the plan for us. My upgrade date is Jan. 16, so I'll definitely be looking into this! Thanks!