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Turkey for me and turkey for you

Thanksgiving day was very low key and just the way I like it. We went camping with my brother and sister in law Wednesday night. Nothing fancy, no need to cook anything elaborate. Just grab a few staples and show up with pillows and camp blankets. Normally, the day is spent finishing up any cooking or last minute decorating before going out of town to see my family for Black Friday shopping. After my sister and I both moved away from home, we naturally prioritized the day after Thanksgiving as the tradition we wanted to keep.

After sitting around a campfire and eating some good soup, discussing the chances of a Bama-LSU rematch, and sharing family stories, we woke up to a traditional campfire breakfast, only this was cooked inside the convection oven and on the stove in a camper kitchen. The same camper has wonderful indoor plumbing, hot water, and TV with satellite. My kind of roughing it for the holidays. The only thing cooked over a campfire was the bottom of my fluffy rubber soled slippers.

breakfast2 breakfast

Sorghum syrup from North Alabama. I love the bottle. Stephen grew up eating syrup and butter on his biscuits. I grew up eating cheese in mine. Somehow, it works for both of us. After a late breakfast, we lazed around for the morning playing with the puppies. Dixie is not quite a puppy any longer. She’s about 15 years old. This little sweetheart is 9 months old. Ebbie is an Australian shepherd and Dixie’s niece. Her eyes were blue at birth and while Dixie’s eyes stayed blue, Ebbie’s changed to light brown. She is a snuggly puppy and loves attention.




After spending time with his family, we got on the road to MS for Thanksgiving gumbo. My family is rather non-traditional with holiday meals. We eat enchiladas for Christmas and gumbo or other soup for Thanksgiving. When people are traveling and arriving at different times, it’s easier to have something in the crock pot. We did have a more traditional turkey dinner later in the weekend.

Thinking back on all the things I’m thankful for, I don’t have to think hard. I have a very supportive family and extended family. We are all healthy. We’ve lost loved ones, almost lost others, but we are still here. Still a family. Always blessed. What more could I ask for?

Well, other than another shot at a BCS championship? 😉IMG_3691

Prancing and pawing 2011
Oh yes I am.

Buster Trigg

Sunday 27th of November 2011

Well done sweatheart,I love you.