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Tuesday is good for one thing


Most new books and music are released on Tuesdays. I have no idea why. That means that today was a great day because the new JD Robb book was waiting for me after school!

We go way back. I started this series when Nora Roberts had about 10 books of the series published. I found the first 3 in a used bookstore in Germantown, TN. I devoured them and went back the next day to get what I could of the rest. That was over 10 years ago. And ever since then, I wait patiently for her twice-a-year releases. For the past few years, she’s released them in February and September. I usually finish the book in one night, but I fell asleep before the ending.


After finishing this, I’ll go back and pick some of my favorites from the 30+ books in the series and re-read them. The series is THAT good. It’s a series about a cop in New York and all her adventures and misadventures living in a futuristic 2058 and beyond. It took a couple of books for me to get used to the few futuristic details that do not seem that far fetched from today.

Before I started the book, I threw together a quick dinner in the oven. I baked salmon, sweet potatoes and sautéed some asparagus. I could eat this every night. The salmon is seasoned with chipotle and cinnamon.   dinnersalmon


Tuesday wasn’t so bad this week! A new book, good dinner, and 4 easy miles. I can’t ask for much better than that Smile

Monday’s not so bad…yet.
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