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Town touring. . . Colorado Day 7

Today was a restful day touring the town. Yesterday, we drove through it to get to the climbing start so we thought we would rest the legs and enjoy the town.

This guy was training the little dog in the town park. The dog was following every instruction and cue from his trainer.


We got coffee from our favorite Telluride shop, the Steaming Bean. I read an editorial in the daily Telluride paper about the back wall of the building being an original structure piece. In order for the town to retain its “historic landmark” status, they must have a certain percentage of its structures be part of the original town. Apparently, somebody wants to tear down the back wall of the Steaming Bean and build some condos on the back alley. It burned me up to read it. So, we gave plenty of business to this local shop. tel49

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Another Telluride tradition: Sweet Life ice cream. Rachel Ray once stopped by for her “40 Dollars a Day” show. I need to see where else she visited for that episode! tel16 tel18

Fudgie the Whale: Brownie batter, brownie chunks, walnuts. AMAZING!!!

tel17 copy  tel19 tel20

Some of those historic structures.

tel21 tel23 tel24tel26

I love the sky and cloud reflection in the windows below.

tel28 tel35

Along the way, this scene unfolded.


Photo shoot of some kind.

tel31 tel32

More random street scenes.


Food carts!


Very talented instrument group.


A gondola ride up to Mountain Village. A few years ago, the towns of Moutain Village and Telluride decided to make a gondola system connecting the two towns in an attempt to cut down on motor traffic. In order to drive from Mtn. Village, it takes about 30 minutes. A gondola ride is about 15 minutes in heavy use. Less than that in the off season. tel37


The middle station, St. Sophia. There is a large shopping and eating area. This is where a lot of ski-in, ski-out places are during the winter ski season.


Poacher’s Pub. We stayed in Mountain Village during our first year here. It was during the first couple of days of the huge Blue Grass Festival. We ate here and sat on the lawn listening to the music and watching the crowds. It was a lot of fun then 🙂


At the top, in Mountain Village, there is one grocery store, the Market. We needed hydration!

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And the ride back down to Telluride.


The view from the gondola ride.



tel51  tel53tel15

One last look into town before we went back to the hotel.



This is perhaps my favorite corner of Colorado. When we plan our trip each year, it’s very hard to exclude Telluride. If anybody needs some great information to plan their trip, this is a great place to start.

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