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Too blessed to complain

Greetings from a conference instead of the classroom! Unfortunately, my hacking skills could not crack the password for the Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue conference center internet, so this is posting a few hours after I wrote and I’m on the iPad again. My big fingers can’t get used to the small keyboard, but again,  at least I have a keyboard.

I woke up bright and too early so I could get some substitute plans finished. The worst part about professional dev days is the sub planning. It takes a while to plan and communicate every possible detail about my class this year. I’m lucky to have outstanding co-workers who can fill in for me if something comes up the other teacher isn’t sure about. It also helps that I have a great group of kids. There are a lot of them and half do not speak English, but they are good kids. I really hope to have a good report when I go back to my desk tomorrow.
So what is the absolute best part of prof. dev. days? Without a doubt, it’s eating lunch with adults and have a full hour to do so! I did pack some snacks to eat just in case lunch was late.

I could eat cheese any time of the day.   The other stuff is to compliment the cheese.
My favorite new gluten-free bars. KIND bars. These are a chewy consistency. Think Lara bars before they are all ground up. I like these much better than Lara bars. They do not have a lot of variety, but I like what I’ve tried so far.

I may have played a few games during the presentation.This is my 4th year to go through this training and the material has not changed. After the first hour, I was restless and fidgety so I worked on some angry birds, Flow, and Bejeweled blitz. I was still listening and could name the most important things to remember when administering medication to children on field trips.
For lunch, we walked across the road to the mall food court. On the way, I was mentally trying to remember what was in the food court and what my options might be. I couldn’t count on the Panda express because I doubt they use a gluten free soy sauce in their dishes. They all taste about the same so I didn’t want to risk that. The pretzel shop was definitely out. Chick-Fil-A actually has an extensive gluten free menu, but I wasn’t sure if their attempts to reduce contamination from flour extended to their food court stalls or if they were just for the stand alone stores. I have eaten several times at our local taco place, and knew exactly what I could eat without fear of contamination. I got 2 tacos and chips with queso.  I could eat here every day and never get tired of tacos.
After lunch, we got to talk for a while, which is a luxury. Then we walked back for the afternoon session. 
Finally, time for the test.

What is it about the afternoon sessions that had me falling asleep?? It was cold in the auditorium so that should have kept me awake! I really depended on my iphone games to keep me blinking.
After the test, I made the drive home, in the rain (yay!!). It wasn’t a bad Monday. I’m looking forward to a night of good food, hot bath, and catching up on some recipes.
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