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These boots ain’t made for walkin….

….but this wine is made for drinking—after I cook!

I woke up, ran a bunch, and did some p90x.

I’ve decided that I might be on the track for a spring half. I was on track for a turkey day one, but that got pushed back when I went to help with my father Nov. 6th. Anyway..I’m goin to think on that.

Chicken Marsala—or more like Chicken Pinot Noir—I didn’t have any marsala.



1. Pan sear chicken breast then cook on med about 6 min/side.

2. add sliced mushrooms and 1 cup o’ wine. Simmer until sauce is thicker. Add chicken back and let hang out for about 15.

3. Mash some potatoes

4. Serve.


Quite possibly the best meal ever made by my meager hands
Snow and Championship Game