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The Town of Breckenridge

This morning, we took a drive to some off roads and found a lake that still had ice on it. Being from Alabama, ice on a lake is something new. Naturally I took a gazillion pictures. Here are a few.



Then we found some deep snow and had to play in it. Or stand and watch him play in it.



Also, since we do not have many pics together on vacation (because I am usually taking the pictures, not posing for them), we decided to get the tripod and remote.


After the snow, driving back to town for lunch, we saw more peaks and more green grass. I can’t get enough of either.


I love touring small historic areas of towns when we go on vacation. Breckenridge is no exception. It is a small ski town that depends heavily on tourists during ski and summer season. Most of the locals work in the tourist industry or the construction/maintenance industry. Here are a few favorite pictures from downtown.

We parked in the free-parking-but-walk-forever lot. Still got a great view!breck26

The river runs through the town. That could be said about MANY places in Colorado. breck27

I found a new favorite coffee shop. I’m sure it has nothing to do with a steady supply of gluten-free cookies and cupcakes.

This is Clint’s Café. I’m a new fan.





We stopped at Downstairs at Eric’s. This is another place that has gluten-free options for lunch. I ordered a Philly cheese with no bread. They prepared the beef, veggies and cheese and put it in a bowl. I got a picture, but it’s not very appetizing. But it tasted great! I’m getting the hang of this traveling with Celiac disease.



After lunch, more strolling and watching. We saw a guy with a University of Alabama shirt. We shouted “roll tide!”and he immediately turned around to talk to us. He is a former alumni who now lives in southern Florida. He was here on vacation as well.


Green aspen trees.




I had to find a Christmas store for an ornament. We chose a wooden image of Mt. Quandary.




A view of our Jed Clampett truck. Don’t open the doors, junk falls out. breck38

Tomorrow is a very big day. We are going to try to climb our first 14er. More details later!

At last…Breckenridge!
Mt. Quandary and the almost 14er.