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The Tide is Rolling in.

2017-09-03 13.42.18

What a beautiful day we had!

We are not normally beach-sitters. Both of us are not used to sitting at our jobs and just sitting around makes us restless after a while.

However, this year, is different. He has not taken a day off in months. Many months. Building a house while working a regular day job (with rotating day and night shifts) is exhausting.

We sat by the beach and played in the water all day and it was awesome!

2017-09-03 10.41.54

This bird kept chasing us for food. Apparently, he’s accustomed to freeloading off the tourists Open-mouthed smile

2017-09-03 11.02.00

My stack of to-be-read magazines was too big to manage. This one was on top.

2017-09-03 12.30.51

Last night, we watched the game and I took advantage of the condo oven to make our favorite tailgating food. One day, I’ll have a house with neutral lighting again. Its seems I can’t get away from the yellow lights no matter whose house I’m hanging out in.

 2017-09-02 21.21.05

We won the game against Florida State! Since were are vacationing deep into FSU country, I should be eternally grateful that my car *with my Bama tags* survived the trip without any extra scratches or dings.

One more day and then back to reality. Happy Labor Day!

Beach Bound
Labor Day away from home