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The Flatlanders find Flat land…Colorado day 9


This is an old old picture of the historic downtown of Telluride. Those horses are carrying cable for the mines. On the right side of the town, you can see the pitched tower of the San Miguel Courthouse. Next to it is the red textured corner of the First National bank and the New Sheridan Hotel. Pretty neat to have all those buildings still standing.

It’s always sad to leave this part of Colorado. The steep and in-your-face San Juans are my favorite range to explore. I love the local food movement of the town. There are so many places to hike here, we could stay 3 weeks and still not touch the surface.

I don’t have much to show for the long drive today. We passed this apple orchard and store on the way up the Grand Mesa. We stopped in for some apple cider and walked away with a half gallon of the stuff and some basil dipping sauce they make there. The lady said it was fabulous on tomatoes. I’ll have to take her word for it. Only if that tomato was roasted in rosemary oil first.


The way up the Mesa was very dry and scrabby looking. One of the great things about Colorado is the variety of landscape. After leaving the bright green of the San Juans, we discovered the death valley of tumbleweeds and just not-so-great climate.

We stopped at a gas station in Montrose and the card reader didn’t work. Stephen went in and said “Ma’am could ya turn the gas pump on, please”. The lady’s head shot up and she said “Good Gawd-a-mighty, where are you from? Your accent just made my day!” In small world fashion, the lady was from Yazoo City, MS. She was very familiar with my stomping grounds growing up. I promise, Stephen doesn’t meet a stranger. He will talk to ANYBODY and find a connection somehow!

We made it up to the Mesa where we found high flat land that was gorgeous and green. There were lakes everywhere! I have a feeling that will be a future destination spot.

After many hours behind the wheel, we crossed into Rocky Mountain National Park just as the sun was setting. Before entering the park, we stopped at a gas station to fill up on fuel and coffee. It was the same place we stopped 3 years ago. As we meandered through the park, he shared some traveling stories from his trip out west with his dad. It was sweet and sad at the same time. It’s important to share those memories and keep them alive but it’s only been two years since he left this earth.

Just as it was getting dark, look what crossed the road.

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Argentine Grill
Poppy’s Pizza, Estes Park Colorado