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The day before Tuesday and it’s been a good one.

Fasting B.S 119-YAY

When will I ever learn?? I slept in and didn’t take the time to make a good breakfast. I skimped by on a cheese stick and some walnuts, but that didn’t last long so I was starving by lunch. And…yes….I had..a…diet dr. pepper. I should have had water, but I wanted the cold fizzy can of chemicals instead. I didn’t drink all of it because it started tasting weird after the cold wore off. What the hell can I substitute??

Lunch was grilled chicken and black eyed peas. YUMMY!!

Afternoon snack was tuna with some almonds.

I started off doing school work but that didn’t last long before I said screw it and worked in the kitchen for a while. Check out my fresh-from-the-freezer vegetable soup with lean beef. I threw on some cheddar and kashi. I couldn’t eat all the crackers. And what dinner is complete without the cup?

veg soup

After I ate and cruised the ‘net for a while, I got back in the kitchen to fix something for lunch, plan breakfast, and figure out dinner. Well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

This is my first time to try a spaghetti squash. This was actually very easy to make, but I haven’t the first clue if it’s any good :p.

spaghetti squash

Here it is after cooking and de-threading..or whatever. It does look like real spaghetti!

And, here’s what I get to try for lunch tomorrow..spaghetti squash with wine sauce and shredded carrots for extra veggie kick.


And while I was at it, I set up the crock pot for cajun 15 bean soup. It will be ready in the morning and I can take some for a snack if I need it or if the above planned lunch is a big fat FAIL.


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