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The Daily Hmmm…Gobble gobble 11.24.10!

~ So freakin’ giddy right now. Christmas lights a blazin’, watching Grinch, eating oatmeal, and making a target list.
~ Speaking of target, this commercial CRACKS ME UP! That’s me right now. Without the freaky grin.

~ Brag time: since cutting sugar, my glucose levels are slowly coming down. So is my weight. :blush:

~ Did I mention I was excited?

~ This will be the first time my mom, dad, sis and families will be together for thanksgiving in a long time. My father has really made some changes for the good since this time last year. :happy:

~ SEEING MY NEPHEW!!!! I asked if he had Christmas clothes. My sister has so many outfits that she plays dress up with him in case he grows out of them!

~ Speaking of just called….Dad brought her 3 inflatable christmas things, lit up Christmas trees for outside, and a bunch of other stuff. Clark Griswald has NOTHING on my dad. I’ll have pictures!

~ my goodie dish is empty. That will be fixed later today.



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